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OUR FOCUS 2021-2023


For any business, profitability is important so we can have funds to use. We contacted numerous local, European and Indian suppliers. All wanted a huge order which we could not accept. So we chose one who was ready to offer a good price and one who was flexible, willing to progress and employ someone in need of a job. We found a supplier in Kanpur, India, who custom makes all our packaging whilst following European norms, and eager to improve. We have no unnecessary usage of plastic.

Carbon emission is a hot topic and although we import our packaging and spices,

we make sure we place a volume order 3 to 4 times per year.

Trade is also a very important sustainable aspect for many countries

and companies in order to support and sustain both economic and social development growth.

When it comes to delivery, we are currently using a hybrid car

and would move to an electric vehicle when the finances permit it.

We encourage our customers to place their order 1 day before so we can plan our delivery efficiently.


Transport and delivery



We plan our production based on orders we receive so there is minimum

or no wastage. In addition, this helps us to always offer

freshly made delicacies to our customers.

A feedback we received from numerous customers that they would like small portions so they may satisfy their temptations. Thus, we came forward with the portioning idea so every single delicacy can become an enjoyable moment, without any wastage.   This also is in line with UN sustainable goal of responsible consumption.

Food waste

Profit Sharing

● We are proud sponsor of 1 child at Indiasbarn and have a plan to increase by 5 every year til we have the humble responsibility of caring or 50 children.  This helps us adhere to 2 UN sustainable goals: No Poverty & No Hunger

● 1 % of all sales goes in the ‘Banarsi Daan Fund’ which is used to support projects in need. The sustainability board advises and recommends on projects to be chosen.

● We happily support our employees in their development goals.


Quality education & Skills development

We look forward to promote the skills and art of Mithai making, which is an industry in its own right. We welcome trainees and also support the skills development of our staff. For us, constant knowledge and skills update is a must as this helps in creating good jobs and economic growth. Norway is blessed with one of the world's finest milk and summer berries. This is our dream combination og ingredients. Follow us more this development.

Good Health

Who says a sweet temptation is bad for health?

We portion each and every bite so each indulgence may be appreciated. We use high quality natural sugar.

White refined sugar is not allowed in our production!

We do also use palm sugar and alternatives

like coconut sugar and stevia, In addition,

we offer sugar free mithai to our customers on request.

Variation is essential in all diets and this applies also to delicacies.


We use only natural and quality products. Our ingredients extend to lentils, chickpeas, dried fuits, nuts and all are freshly made. 


Gender Equality & Reduced Inequalities

We have a policy where there will always be a 50 : 50 % split in the employee structure at Banarsi, including management. We follow the riksvatlen and offer a higher wage than the agreement.  

Partnership & Collaboration

We are a learning organization and are always in search for new ideas which can help us serve better. 

If you have any idea that can help, we would like to hear from you.

We look forward to provide a variety of choice and taste

when it comes to quality offerings to our customers.


Indiasbarn is an organization we support for their great work. Please visit their website and support if you can.  

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